Breakin’ the Chains

Even though we had threats of bad weather along with it being Mother’s Day weekend, we had a total of 115 racers and 530 spectators at our Breakin’ the Chains bracket race on Saturday, May 9th. Congratulations to the class winners as well as the winners in the Dash for Cash. Here are a few shots of the day’s action by Brad Stillwell. Enjoy! We’ll see you on Saturday, May 23rd for our Mexico Racing League street shootout.

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Memorial Day Weekend – Cancelled

Due to the weather, this event has been postponed.

Do you have the fastest ride in the Permian Basin? Do you think you know who does? Come out to Caprock Motorplex on Saturday, May 23rd and see if you have what it takes. We’re hosting an all street, heads up, quarter mile evening with the Mexico Racing League and the guys from West Texas Mean Street. It’s time to see what you and your ride can really do. The time slips don’t lie. There will also a burnout contest and wet tshirt contest with $250 going to the winners of both.


Full concession stand. BYOB (no glass bottles). Kids 12 and under are always free. If you don’t know where the track is, click here. We’re just 15 miles west of Odessa on Interstate 20 at exit 101.

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April 25th Results

We had a total of 159 racers and close to 900 spectators show up for the second points race of the 2015 season. The Southwest Superchargers put on a great show for the fans. If you haven’t seen these guys run…you’re missing out! Thanks for everyone who participated in the Dial For Dollars. We had 25 Box class entries and 33 No-Box class entries. Randy Brooks won in No-Box and Mike Badeaux won in Box.  If you’re curious how Dial For Dollars works, it’s $20 to enter. The person with the best combined dial in and reaction time wins. The winner takes half the pot and the other half goes to the always growing class points fund.

Congratulations to our class winners…

Mean Street
Winner – Clinton Calley
Runner Up – Kenny Rice
Semi – John StevensEasy Street
Winner – Kent Sellers
Runner Up – Nick Crawford
Semi – Bobby TylerSouthwest Superchargers
Winner – Lyle Byrum
Runner Up – Andy Mears
Semi – Gary Hill

No Box
Winner – Benny Gossett
Runner Up – Josh Winthrow
Semi – Phil HammondJr Dragster
Winner – John Michael Stevens
Runner Up – Cody Jackson
Semi – Makenzie Hunt
Winner – Mike Badeaux
Runner Up – Tanner Thorp
Semi – Cory BeattyMotorcycle
Winner – David Soules
Runner Up – Gene Osborn
Semi – Ira Flores

Check out the photos from Brad Stillwell.  We’ll see you in May at Breakin’ The Chains!

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Let’s go racing…

Friday, April 24th, will be a Test & Tune from 6pm to midnight. Street cars are welcome. All drivers must wear a helmet.

Saturday, April 25th, will be West Texas Mean Street heads up racing, Southwest Superchargers index racing and our normal bracket racing with box/no box/easy street/motorcycle/JR dragsters.

Run order for Saturday

No Box
SW Superchargers
Mean Street
Easy Street

Time trials start at 1:00. Southwest Superchargers and Mean Street will start qualifying with 1st round of eliminations.

Racers can drop off trailers starting at 2pm on Friday.

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Line’m UP TNT

Saturday started a little slower than we had hoped due to the chance of thunderstorms in the area. Thankfully the weather played well and made for some great racing and great track conditions. There were approximately 130 tech cards completed and close to 600 spectators. Click here to see the day’s action shot by Brad Stillwell. Enjoy!

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Attention Bracket Racers!!!!

In an effort to speed up the TNT nights before each bracket race we are going to make some changes to the Gamblers Race. Instead of a Gamblers Race, we will have a DIAL FOR DOLLARS run for BOX and NO BOX. Entry fee will be $50 per car (purchased at the swag shack) and the purse will be split 50% to the winner and 50% to the points fund. The track will not take a cut of this. Also each class will be run separately so that Box racers will build Box points fund, etc. You are not required to enter TNT to run the Dial for Dollars, but if you want a test run you will have to enter TNT. You will have until 10pm, at which point we will run the Dial for Dollars starting with no box. Lanes 5&6 will be dedicated to this race ONLY for the money round. At Caprock we are doing our best to give everyone plenty of time to have fun no matter what you race. Thank you all for your support!

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Caprock Season Opener

We would like to thank everyone that came out and spent the weekend at Caprock Motorplex. The Grudge TnT brought out 175 cars and almost 1,000 spectators. The season opener on Saturday had just about the same turnout with 120 cars and close to 900 spectators. There was a steady stream of race fans making their way to and from the concession stand with great food and cold drinks. We have burgers, brisket sandwiches and our world renowned Pendogs. If you haven’t had a chance to try a Pendog, you haven’t lived. They’re beyond addicting. Make sure you try one or three the next time you’re at the track. Trust us, you won’t regret it.

Here are some photos from race day shot by Brad Stillwell. Enjoy!

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The Grudge TNT

Wow! What a day we had at Caprock Motorplex this past Saturday. It was a gorgeous, 68 degree day with a slight breeze that made for a very comfortable time at the track. We had just shy of 1,000 people and 160 tech cards turned in. We had everything from vintage gassers to bikes to street cars to Jr Dragsters and Pro Sportsman. The flood gates opened at 10am to a line backed up past Interstate 20. We started making passes at 11am and we ran non-stop until 8pm. If you weren’t there, you missed out on a great time. Here are a few of the highlights from the day.

We look forward to seeing you next time on March, 27th and 28th for the season opener. Make sure you check our schedule frequently as we’re always adding new events to the calendar.

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Street Racing: No Excuses

This topic really isn’t up for debate. Street racing is dangerous. It doesn’t make you cool. It doesn’t give you street cred. Think about the innocent lives that could be ruined, or even lost, because two people want race on a public street. Do a search online for “street racing accidents” and you can read news-story after news-story about street racing accidents and the related deaths. It’s a huge problem across the world, but it’s even more of a problem on the congested streets in the Permian Basin. Those of us who have been here for years know that we’re bursting at the seams. Our streets aren’t as empty as they used to be. Even though it was dangerous, most of us raced on 42nd at one time or another. For the younger crowd reading this, trust me…You’ll look back one of these days and realize how dangers and stupid it is/was. There was a young man who lost his life on 42nd just before Christmas in 2014. An innocent person was also sent to the hospital as part of the race. Some of you reading this knew those involved personally and we know you’re likely still hurting from the loss that was experienced. It was a terrible tragedy, no doubt, but it could have been avoided all together had they made the conscious decision to not race on the streets.

We at Caprock Motorplex want to do all we can do to help reduce street racing in the Permian Basin. Not only can you come out to any Test and Tune and settle your grudges, but this year we are teaming up with the Mexico Racing League to host street related events. If you haven’t been to a street event at Caprock Motorplex, you’ve missed out on some amazing nights. These events are always packed with hundreds of cars, trucks and bikes. You won’t have any problems finding out who the fastest person on the street is. Not only will you get to know how much smack the other person has been talking, but you’ll get to see for yourself how fast you really are. You’ll quickly find out if you need to work on your shifting or your launches. What better place to do it than in a controlled environment?

Caprock Motorplex is the safest and smartest place to settle your grudges in the Permian Basin. Think about it… There’s a 0% chance of an innocent person pulling out in front of you. There’s a 0% chance of you getting a ticket. There’s a 0% chance of you going to jail for speeding. There’s a 0% chance of you losing your license or possibly getting your ride impounded. Again…Think about it.

Save it for the strip. We’ll see you in the staging lanes… Be safe.

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We’re rolling up our sleeves…

2015 has just begun and we’re already hard at work. If you haven’t already noticed, we have a new website. If this is your first time to the site, we’re glad you’re here. We hope you find it easy to navigate and that you can use it to plan your race season with us. We’ll work hard to keep the content fresh as new information becomes available. Check back for new articles, photos, event recaps and more.

We already have the 2015 schedule posted with plenty of events. The schedule will likely change a bit as we add more events, so keep checking back! Make sure you take a few minutes and read the track rules for 2015. There are some new rules that you need to be aware of.

We look forward to seeing each of you this season… Be safe and God bless!

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