All Races Postponed Until Further Notice

As most of you have heard we had a catastrophic fire in the control tower at the track. We lost the Timing system, PA, radios, track blower and tons of other supplies and spare parts that were in the tower. The Fire Marshall deemed the cause of the fire an electric short in the wiring. Unfortunately we learned that we did not have the proper insurance to cover the damage. We did however have some AWESOME people come out and help us clean up the mess. Shawn Vaught, Jeff Vaught, Annie with Race Wright Coatings and Cardozas Auto Repair stopped their day to bring out Andy Wilabay’s dump trailer to clear off the carnage. Dewayne Peters came out and donated his time and muscles to help out as well. Its really refreshing to have such awesome support. We are in the process of figuring everything out and will keep you guys up to date as we learn more. Thank you all!

We appreciate all of the positive calls, text, emails and comments. It truly means the world to us. Life sometimes doesn’t seem fair but we know that God doesn’t put us through anything that we can not handle. The tower will be rebuilt as soon as resources allow. We will know more after speaking with the insurance company tomorrow. We will keep our heads held high and move forward. Don’t count us out!

Brody Melton, a local Caprock racer, started a GoFundMe page to help raise funds to rebuild the tower. Thank you so much, Brody!!!

Please check back frequently for updates on the tower rebuild and any changes to the schedule or events.














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