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PKR is Trying it’s Best to give EVERYBODY a Nice and Safe Place to Race!  We believe PKR is a Great place to take the family for a weekend of racing fun. 

But people like this make it very hard for PKR to keep fixing the track up. 

This UNGRATEFUL “individual” had the nerve to take the Fence and Electrical Service Out and simply drive out of the facility leaving a Safety Concern. 

We have the name of the driver and pics of the truck, We even have the license plate # but i will not show him the Disrespect he has shown “Your” Facility 

He was at the track all weekend and Obviously had a Great Time. 

Since he’s NOT MAN enough to own up to his mistake and simply apologize he will NOT welcome back. 

If HE happens to show up!
PKR will show him the same respect he has Shown all of US and we will have him Removed. 

I hate this situation for everyone involved but i have to look out for the Best Interest of my Team, Sponsors,Racers, and Spectators Safety.Image attachmentImage attachment


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Wow!!! Some people need to grow up!!! SMH , Banned for life sounds pretty good!!


Hope it mast his truck up

I know what he looks like, his truck and the sticker he has on the back window! Ill be sure to point him out👍🏼👍🏼

Smh thanks for a great and safe place to race.... it’s sad people like this tear things up and don’t even have enough respect nor brains to let someone know.

Leslie John look its the guy who kept coming through our pits

Yep he was there all day driving all around the track looking at everything

My dad has a dually that looks just like this...🤷🏻‍♂️

Tim Murray

If you get some more square tubing I’ll come weld the fence free of charge

So he took out a guard rail? I see some stuff ran over. Could only imagine what his truck looks like!

Fking asshat.

Wow really!!

Wow! Unbelievable...this Dude has absolutely no business being allowed back at track EVER!!’

Congratulations John Micheal Stevens for Dominating the Easy Street Class for the 2nd race in row. 
We Might need to change the name of the class to Not So Easy if you keep up the good job Sir. 
By the way how come your the only one getting pics with the Stemarco EngravingTrophy Girl?


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Congrats ☝🏼😎🎈👏

The waterbox/stemarco chick has a crush on me🙄 Kristen Lee

Great job. Your a great driver but more importantly, a great person. Your parents should be proud..

You won twice. The race and Kristen Lee. Congratulations 🎊🎉🍾

Congratulations to Rayce Wright for another Great Race in PKR Teen Challenge this weekend. 
Rayce came up a little short in the Finals but just happened to get paid for his efforts. 
Awesome Job Kid!


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Thank you! #goodrace #greattrack #makingmemories

Way to go Rayce!

Thank You Stemarco Engraving for providing the Race Winners with another Awesome Trophy to Remember their much deserved Win this weekend.
Congratulations to Haylee Brandonberg for taking the Win and the Roy Hill 100 dollar bonus for Winning the Jr Dragster Race straight out of Roy Hills Driving School. 
Great Job Haylee running a 7.908 on a 7.90 dial in the Finals.


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This is one great father daughter proud of you both..

Julie Brandenburg Congratulations to yall!! I saw David smile for once🎉🎉


Chris said, "Nice job!!!" 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Congratulations Haylee


Great job Team Punky!! Congrats 🎈🎉☝🏼

I watched this Little girl and her dad get ready in the staging lanes all night and it just put a huge smile on face!!! Great job!!!

Congratulations to Carson Wenger for Taking the PKR Teen Challenge Win. 
This Young Man was born to race and comes from a long line of Racing Family.


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👊🏼 atta boy!!!!

Way to go Carson!!!


Congratulations to our Current Track Champion Benny Mary Ellen Gossett for Taking the Win in No Box. It was Great to see him back in the finals defeating his Good Friend Bill Simpkins 
Great Job to Both.


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Way to go guys

Great Job Guys! Miss our weekends

Winning yourself while putting those boys down the track in jr class YOU ARE AWESOME 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

Congratulations buddy. Job well done

Way to go guys...congrats on winner/ru slots! 👍

Both damn good guys

Way to Benny congratulations

Congratulations to Dennis Lithgow for his Runner up finish in Electronics. Dennis was tough to beat all night but pushed it in the Finals running a 4.819 on a 4.82 Dial.


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Hell ya!!

Awesome 👏🏻👏🏻

Congrats my brother! And you too Teri Watkins 👍👍👍🎉

At least one winner in the truck!!

Way to go Dennis!!

What a cool looking vehicle!!

Congratulations to our Current Track Champion Buzz Johnson for taking the Win this weekend in Electronics.

Car Show Benefit
For Raymond Gonzales

Saturday July 21st
10am till 2

At Lone Star Gasket
5012 Andrews highway
Odessa, Texas

$20 dollar entry fee for cars

Taking donations for food plates and will have a silent auction!

For car show information contact Mason Wright or Don Gunn
... See MoreSee Less


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Kevin Burks

The Race Weekend can’t get here fast enough. 
Please Share


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So what time do gates open??


I wish yall ran a stick shift class

Wish I didn’t have a 10 bolt lol

Tim Murray

Brody Melton what are the rules in this?

Michael Williams you going

Johnny Arredondo

Adam Tejeda Haydon Holcomb yall going?

How old do the kids have to be for teen challenge ??

Count me in...i went the last time they had races at penwell. I saw boosted and kayla out there son josh and i will make it out there.

What time are gates opening Saturday? The times on the bottom say for June

How much are tickets to watch the races?


Be there

Kevin Reeves want to go?

cant make it i am on a job

Omar Santiago

what time tonight ????

Is their any races next weekend

What time do the gates open today

We apologize for the inconvenience.


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Taylor Sawyers

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Street Racing: No Excuses

This topic really isn’t up for debate. Street racing is dangerous. It doesn’t make you cool. It doesn’t give you street cred. Think about the innocent lives that could be ruined, or even lost, because two people want race on a public street. Do a search online for “street racing accidents” and you can read news-story after news-story about street racing accidents and the related deaths. It’s a huge problem across the world, but it’s even more of a problem on the congested streets in the Permian Basin. Those of us who have been here for years know that we’re bursting at the seams. Our streets aren’t as empty as they used to be. Even though it was dangerous, most of us raced on 42nd at one time or another. For the younger crowd reading this, trust me…You’ll look back one of these days and realize how dangers and stupid it is/was. There was a young man who lost his life on 42nd just before Christmas in 2014. An innocent person was also sent to the hospital as part of the race. Some of you reading this knew those involved personally and we know you’re likely still hurting from the loss that was experienced. It was a terrible tragedy, no doubt, but it could have been avoided all together had they made the conscious decision to not race on the streets.

We at Caprock Motorplex want to do all we can do to help reduce street racing in the Permian Basin. Not only can you come out to any Test and Tune and settle your grudges, but this year we are teaming up with the Mexico Racing League to host street related events. If you haven’t been to a street event at Caprock Motorplex, you’ve missed out on some amazing nights. These events are always packed with hundreds of cars, trucks and bikes. You won’t have any problems finding out who the fastest person on the street is. Not only will you get to know how much smack the other person has been talking, but you’ll get to see for yourself how fast you really are. You’ll quickly find out if you need to work on your shifting or your launches. What better place to do it than in a controlled environment?

Caprock Motorplex is the safest and smartest place to settle your grudges in the Permian Basin. Think about it… There’s a 0% chance of an innocent person pulling out in front of you. There’s a 0% chance of you getting a ticket. There’s a 0% chance of you going to jail for speeding. There’s a 0% chance of you losing your license or possibly getting your ride impounded. Again…Think about it.

Save it for the strip. We’ll see you in the staging lanes… Be safe.

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